Press Release:

Candlelight Vigil - May 22, 2016 - 22:22 hours (10:22 p.m.)

Remembering our Heroes whose lives are lost due to suicide.

War Memorial - 84th & Nashville, Lubbock TX

Odessa Market Radio PSA spot -

Stop Solider Suicides

Remember Our Heroes promotes public awareness of the tremendous suicide crisis our veterans face

Lubbock, TX – On any given day, 22 veterans or active duty members commit suicide. Some estimates are even higher as their deaths are recorded as accidental.  Most of them are Vietnam veterans, with one active duty member each day. That is why, during the month of May, we want to keep the public aware of the tremendous suicide crisis our veterans are facing.

Brian Kinsella founded Stop Soldier Suicide in 2010 after one of his own soldiers attempted to commit suicide. Since that time, the organization has grown and now supports full time personnel to promote soldier suicide awareness as well as some assistance. They lead in awareness through outreach campaigns to change the way our nation thinks about veteran mental health care and the stigma of receiving treatment. The hope is to reduce or eliminate any fear or career repercussions for seeking treatment.

In support of their effort, Remember Our Heroes is sponsoring a candlelight vigil on May 22 at 22:22 hours (10:22 p.m.)  at Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial, 82nd & Nashville Avenue. We would also like to ask the community to have a moment of silence or prayer at some point on May 22nd to remember that our veterans are in crisis and in need of our help and support.