Stop Soldier Suicide Petition Request

I am inviting your entire network to join in this important initiative. This is a first step. We need family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, church groups, everyone to take 15 seconds and sign this petition. Here is our message:

Help Stop Soldier Suicide collect 263,000 signatures on an initiative to address Veteran Suicide, the most important issue facing our Veterans and their Families.

Stop Soldier Suicide is petitioning our elected officials to develop a comprehensive program to better prepare transitioning Service Members for life after the military. This program - the Reverse Boot Camp - will help Service Members optimize their health, unleash career potential, and discover the empowerment and post-military quality of life they fought to protect. To support this program, I would ask you to do three, simple things:

1. Sign the petition here (you can read the position paper for the Reverse Boot Camp here).

2. Share the petition and its goal for 263,000 signatures through email and social media with every contact you have.

3. Ask all recipients to send this message to everyone on their contact list and share on their social media.

The number 263,000 represents an estimate of every Veteran life lost to suicide over a 36 year period using the 2014 suicide rate included in the most recent VA Suicide Data Report. These numbers are unacceptable. One suicide of a Warrior is too many. With your help, we will achieve this goal and begin working on important solutions - like the Reverse Boot Camp - to end this problem. 

All the Best,