September 11, 2016


VFW 9/11/16Hard to believe that we are approaching the 15th anniversary of one of our darkest days ever in American history. It was such a bad attack on our country and we were all stunned. Personally, I thought that we would be under constant attack for a long time as we reeled from this surprise and evil attack.

But we won the day as our first responders in NYC did their best at a high cost to save ordinary citizens that horrifying day. Our sons and daughters soon joined the military to protect the homeland. Only 1 % of our sons and daughters wear the uniform of our country. But due to their efforts and our first responders and countless others, we live our daily lives without constantly looking over our shoulders. We still live in a free country and we remain safe and protected.

Therefore, please join the local VFW, Military Order of the Purple Heart and Remember our Heroes and turn your porch light on from sunset, Saturday, the 10th through sunrise, Monday, the 12th to provide a shield for our current military and our first responders throughout the US plus recognize them for their service protecting us daily.

Last, please join Lubbock’s VFW for a celebration on this Sunday, 9/11 to honor our first responders locally and nationally plus our active military. Let us take time to honor those on that horrific day in New York City 15 years ago who died protecting our fellow citizens, plus First Responders who risk their lives daily to keep things going in the right direction and those who have died fighting an evil enemy who wish to destroy our way of life. Please contact VFW Commander, Benny Guerrero for info on the Patriot Day Celebration.