The Veterans Resource Coordination Group connects veterans and their families to the resources they need to assist them during times of transition, and to make them successful in achieving their life goals. We serve those who served.

The VRCG uses the donated funds to provide mental health treatment for veterans who cannot access other MH proiders in a timely manner. With our growing veteran population in Lubbock and surrounding counties, the VA is overwhelmed and many veterans go without treatment. We have countracted mental health providers as well as Refuge Services, who provides hippotherapy to veterans.

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Dave Lewis
Director of Veteran Services for StarCare Specialty Health (VetStar)
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Lubbock Military Order of Purple Heart Chapter 0900


My name is Steve Oien and I am the current Commander for Chapter 0900, Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH). Our area of responsibility includes Midland and Odessa, and our surrounding communities'. The MOPH was chartered by the U.S. Congress and we are structured as an organization with a national office in Washington D.C., State level Departments and local Chapters.

Background: There are two major components within the MOPH and each is a separate corporation. The "MOPH of the USA" and the "MOPH Service Foundation." MOPH USA basically is our administrative body and the Services Foundation provides direct assistance to all veterans, MOPH or not.

Our part in the Services Foundation is to raise funds for service, welfare, and rehabilitation of its members and disabled or handicapped veterans. This includes all veterans, their widows and orphans.

Welfare Officer: Welfare Officers within each Chapter are responsible for connecting veterans to servicing organizations such as the VA or local helping agencies and churches, much like a Veterans Service Officer for the VA.. We pay for individuals rent, electrical/utility bills, food and other needs as our funds permit since we are solely funded through donations. We do try to screen our veterans in need to identify those consistently shopping helping agencies so that we do not waste funds.

Americanism: We also work closely with high school JR-ROTC programs to promote patriotism and with City Councils, State and local police agencies to recognize individuals injured, wounded or killed in the line of duty.

Purple HeartAccountability: We are accountable to the MOPH USA, MOPH Department of Texas, and to our local partners and supporters. This ensures donation distributions are always above board and transparent to all including the IRS. Our goal is to ensure 100% of donations are used to aid all veterans in need.

Our EIN# is 46-3403015, American Bank of Commerce, Wolfforth, Texas. We are under the name of "Military Order of the Purple Heart."

I hope this very brief overview of the MOPH has provided you with some insight as to what we do. Feel free to contact me at Cell # 707-592-4598, or through my email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Steve Oien,
Commander, MOPH Chapter 0900
Lubbock, Texas

The National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center in Angel Fire provides holistic treatment for veteran and active duty couples with Post Traumatic Stress. (The definition of a couple is a second person that has influence with the veteran.) We currently have funding for 83 New Mexico couples per year. We are fundraising for Texas couples and all money raised in Lubbock will go directly to Texas couples. We have previously treated 14 Texas couples and already have four scheduled for October 2015 retreats.


Stop Soldier SuicideWhat is this organization about?

We are a 501 (c)(3) founded by ex-Army and Active-Duty Soldiers to bring awareness to, and actively curb, the growing suicide epidemic among past and present Service members. We believe we all have a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters in arms who suffer from physical as well as the deepest, invisible wounds of war BEFORE they feel their only choice is taking their own lives.

Who does this program serve?

There are nearly 23 million+ Veterans of war in the US and 1.5 million active-duty military men and women. It is estimated that 400,000 Veterans suffer from PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) and 40% of OIF/OEF from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), both leading indicators of military suicide.

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